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Register for fee voucher
lottery by July 28, 2017


Fee vouchers


Go to your local
Office for New Americans
Opportunity Center


Apply, interview and
pass naturalization tests


Get approved and
become a U.S. citizen!


Tell us how you are doing by taking a 15-minute follow-up survey

Registration for NaturalizeNY is now closed. 


Want to learn more?

Who can apply?

Any US green card holder (legal permanent resident) who is eligible for U.S. Citizenship, is a resident of the State of New York and meets certain income requirements. The program is to help serve New Yorkers who face economic obstacles to becoming naturalized citizens. 

Is this really free to me?

Yes, completely free. You do not have to pay any money to register for the lottery, and there will be no costs whether you are selected or not selected. Also, as a New York State resident you are also eligible for free immigration legal services at your nearest New York State Office for New Americans (ONA) Opportunity Center. 

What are the conditions?

If you register for the lottery, you will be asked to make yourself available to take a series of short optional surveys about your experiences. Also, if you win the lottery you will only receive your fee voucher if you work with your local ONA Opportunity Center to complete and submit your naturalization application.

Will my personal details be secure?

Yes. Any information that we collect will be stored securely and is confidential. 

Can I use the money to cover the cost of other immigration fees or pay the fees of a family member?

No. The money will be allocated exclusively to cover the cost of applying for U.S. citizenship for the people who are eligible and win the lottery. Individuals cannot transfer funds to another family member. However, eligible family members can individually register for the lottery separately.

What happens if I win a voucher? 

Winners will be notified by email, text and/or phone if they win a voucher. Each winner will have 30 days to work with their assigned Opportunity Center to schedule an appointment, fill out, prepare, and submit their naturalization application. Please note the Opportunity Center will generally pay the naturalization application fee on behalf of each winner directly to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. If a winner fails to claim their voucher, work with their assigned Opportunity Center or submit their application within 30 days she or he may forfeit their voucher. 


The New York State Office for New Americans and its partners are excited to offer this unique opportunity for citizenship eligible immigrants living in New York. The fee vouchers will directly assist New Yorkers with becoming US citizens and we will learn how citizenship impacts immigrants, their families, and communities.


Office for New Americans



If you have questions about NaturalizeNY, you can contact your local Office for New Americans Opportunity Center or call the New York State New Americans Hotline and be sure to ask about "NaturalizeNY."